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Exploding Kittens, The Cat’s Meow

Let’s begin by saying that no cats are harmed during the playing of this game. Now that we have that cleared up, this record breaking Kickstarter funded game may be the cutest way of playing Russian Roulette. What makes this game such a blast to play is that the gameplay is fast-paced, and to learn only takes a few minutes (learn how here).

Since this game is heavily a game about odds, players need to be keeping an eye on your hand, the other players’ hand, and the deck. As fun as it is to be picking up the fun colourful cards, forget about the exploding kittens for too long and it’s likely to blow up in your face. At the same time, if you play your cards too early you’ll find yourself relying on your belief in the heart of the cards. The best plan of action is to lay low, and not target or become the target of the other players. Once players know where the exploding kittens are, the game dynamics are all about controlling the flow of the game.

A game that claims to be a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats, this game delivers all that and more. I highly recommend this game for a fun way to pass the time and have a good time with people. Additional copies can be added on to increase the game from 5 players and can be purchased currently only at Amazon.