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Sushi Go Party! For a Few Rolls More

Right when you thought getting sushi with your friends could not get any better, Gamewright delivers a fun pick and pass card game. A game that looks fun and silly on the outside, delivers all that and a rich core game play that if underestimated will leave you hungry.

What is fun about this game, and keeps the sushi fresh is that menu can be changed every game. The game’s instructions include a couple themes to play along with, however the level of creativity with the menu has many options. Personally one of my favourite menus is the Cut Throat menu, not only do the cards help you, but collecting the cards can really damage the opponents. With so many different options though it is hard to have a strategy that can be used every game, a good player will keep flexible and able to quickly adjust. With up to a possible eight players, there is a lot of sushi that one has to keep an eye on.

My business tipĀ  is to look at the sets of cards, and determine how much each card is really worth. If collecting two of the same rolls will reward you with 5 points, when collecting three rolls of another sushi will earn you 9 points sometimes it is worth the risk.

Sushi Go Party! is great to pull out during an intense night of board games, or a night where a group of people are just sitting around wondering what to do. This helps the game be very diverse, and great for a wide range of situations. Everyone will be down for some sushi.